MAD Creations is a multi-disciplinary creative office that provides design services across different levels and areas of the design process. It’s main structure is organized into six different departments: MAD Architecture, MAD Design, MAD Events, MAD Fashion, MAD Photography and MAD Systems, working together to develop a culture of relations that are intrinsic to the overall creative process and end results.


From unique projects to visual communication strategies, we offer an assortment of skill sets that provide us the ability to respond to a wide client roster that range from global corporations to local businesses.




The current world economic crisis led us to question the values and work processes that were instilled in us by corporations, companies and offices who’s only purpose was a bigger profit margin, disregarding the creative process, their impact on society and their employees lives.


In an age of change when the word sustainable is so often used, we must step back and understand the true meaning of it. We are walking down a similar path to the one that we are now deviating from, maybe it’s just human nature and the need to associate that sustainability with a physical and immediate result.  We must understand that every aspect of our contemporary lives disserves reflection. We have been evolving and developing over the past 100 years at a rate that is uncommon to us. When in a time were all our values are oppugned and questions like mobility and individuality arise, having so many resources available to us, why do we keep on disrespecting our lives and our time here?


MAD’s main concerns on sustainability are related to overall working processes and relations with the society and communities amongst which we intervene. Making an effort to develop a productive, responsible, creative and liberating work system adjusted to the values, needs and habits of each individual.




MAD is committed to the research on adequate work systems, adjusted to contemporary lifestyles and values with the end goal of reaching a well balanced system that responds not only to the client’s and market’s needs as well as to the needs of the people that are MAD.


We also feel that it is our responsibility to try through the understanding of the specifications of each society/community and their “assets”, to play a proactive role in the appreciation and updating of businesses, associations, amongst others, that have been identified as relevant and important amongst the object’s population. We understand it to be our civil duty to be an active part of society, contributing as we can towards the development of what we consider to be our identity.
We cherish the worm! And all the other animals, of course.